Zimbardo Conference with SWC

Zimbardo has been quite a popular character here on PsychBLOG over the last 6 months: he’s released a book (which was reviewed by Phil Banyard), he’s been dropped from the specs and when I get around to finishing the mammoth article there’s a ‘what kind of person volunteers for a prison experiment’ post. After all that reading I’m sure that you’re wanting to meet the chap – and you can at a conference set up by Cara Flanagan through South West Conferences.

This conference offers a unique opportunity to hear one of the legends in psychology. In a special extended afternoon session, Professor Zimbardo will discuss his research with special reference to the Stanford Prison Experiment and his recent book The Lucifer Effect, and also answer students’ questions.

That’s not all though – on-top of Zimbardo there will also be the following speakers:

Phil Banyard, former Chief examiner OCR, senior lecturer at Nottingham Trent University. Key studies in Psychology – What happened next?

Mike Cardwell, former Chief examiner AQA A, senior lecturer at Bath Spa University. The Psychology of Peace.

Cara Flanagan, freelance academic author and experienced senior examiner. Which falls faster a pound of gold or a pound of feathers? A look at researching human behaviour.

You can find more information and a booking form at the SWC site or go straight to the Zimbardo conference page.

This has been an un-sponsored advert for SWC – the conference does sound really good though – might have to go along myself!

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