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I know this isn’t related to psychology at all, but this tool has provided invaluable to me these last few weeks and I thought that I would pass it on. At the moment we are collecting in all the students coursework to get it sent off; some of the students have email us their work to print off and look at; you download the file from your email and then realise that you don’t have the right software on your computer to open the file. Be it good ol’ Microsoft creating the problems (Microsoft Works files that can’t be opened by Word, the new Office 2007 not being natively backward compatible with any other version of Word).

Anyway, I was in this position the other day, a student had sent a file in docx format (Word 2007) and I needed to install a plugin from Microsoft for my version of Word to open it – obviously though, I didn’t have the correct privileges on the college computer to install this. What-to-do? What-to-do?

Well after a little searching I came across a fantastic service from Zamzar. They can convert a massive number of files into any number of files

“We are intent on bringing order to your filesystem by offering you a one stop solution for all your file conversion needs. Like others we were fed up with having files in all sorts of formats, and no easy way of converting between them – the quest to find a better way led to the birth of Zamzar.”

You’ll never be stuck again!

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