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After the popularity of the last two autism research carnivals (one & two) it’s time for another one. I would love to write and comment on all of these studies but if I did this would be an autism blog as there is so much research going on in the field of autism at the moment. So, here’s some more autism research for you to have a read through; and of course I have tried to choose all those that will be of use when teaching the Baron-Cohen study, or at least be appropriate for the background.

Autism linked with higher testosterone levels
The Independent – London September 12, 2007 Powerful evidence has emerged that may soon lead scientists to discover the causes of autism which, in one form or another, now affects about one in every 100 children in Britain.

Children with autism are immune to contagious yawning
Have you ever noticed that yawning is so contagious it can spread round a room like a Mexican wave? Scientists still aren’t in agreement as to why this happens but one idea is that the phenomenon depends on our capacity for empathy. There’s also more on this over at MindHacks.

New techniques discovered to reverse autism
Over the last 6 years, “I6S” has been performing specific research on assisting those mothers/caretakers who may be the only one that is helping their Autistic Child. The work has revealed some groundbreaking techniques that have shown how to stop the progression and often reverse Autism.

Girls with autism
The New York Times has an in-depth article on autism in girls, a topic largely neglected in the research literature owing to the fact that males are much more likely to be diagnosed with the condition.

New study on autism focuses on environment
Researchers have long suspected that autism’s causes are rooted in one’s genes, combined with some kind of a hit from the environment. But pinpointing the interplay of these factors has been daunting, in part because the probing tends to come after a child is diagnosed.

Autism, honesty and the capacity to deceive
Online magazine InCharacter has an article on what autism can tell us about honesty and deception, by autism researcher Prof Simon Baron-Cohen.

And that’s about it for now. If you know of any autism research that could be featured in the next carnival do let me know.

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