When two people love each other very much …


An interesting article over at psychcentral has identified a study looking into the sexual behaviour of adolescents and what variables have an effect on is.

“… A study conducted in August 2006 examined longitudinal data from a survey of 5,401 Scottish teenagers. The researchers led by Daniel Wight of the Medical Research Council, Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in Glasgow UK found that talking to teens about sex had little relationship to sexual behaviour. So what did? …

It was found that of the variables that were looked at:

… The study also found that teens who have more spending money also was a good predictor for early sexual activity, and, for males, having more sexual partners. Not surprising, since people are often drawn to others who have influence (money = influence).”

Interesting to use when thinking of adherence to health behaviours (contraception) in the health unit. For more see the psychcentral post or the abstract of the original study here.

Source: Journal of Adolescence, Vol 29(4), Aug 2006. pp. 473-494.

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  1. London Counselling September 6, 2011 at 8:08 pm #

    I am not anymore surprised of what money can cause on both adults and children in the sociey. To have wealth provides a bigger chance for temptations to take over a man’s consciousness. But then again, with love as an included issue there is a saying that goes like “nevermind”

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