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Another productive lost evening stumbling the web allowed me one gem of a site that I’ve spent the afternoon playing with. I still can’t work out if it’s absolutely amazing or not really that useful to us psychology teachers but I thought it worth a post anyway. The site is called Visible Body and has just released a public trial of the on-line software which allows you to ‘fly’ through the human body and see what’s there.

I was impressed with the sophistication of the system which allowed me to see all the ‘bits-and-bobs’ inside us (I’m sure there’s many an incomprehensible name for these parts but lets swiftly pass on). The fun came to looking at the brain. First I watched the introduction video to see what I had to do and then I worked it out and was able to see some great views of the two hemispheres, the ‘grey-matter’ and much more (some screen shots below).


From their bumph:

Sign in from your office, classroom, or home. Display the Visible Body in the classroom to show structures and their relationships. Show it in your office or exam room to explain information to patients. Review it as you study to help you visualize and memorize. Explore the Visible Body to learn about your amazing human body!

The Visible Body is the most comprehensive human body visualization tool available on the market today. With the Visible Body, you can:

  • Search for and locate anatomical structures by name.
  • Hide, rotate, see through, and explore parts of human anatomy.
  • Move the model in three-dimensional space.
  • Zoom in and out.
  • Click on systems or structures to make them transparent or hide them.
  • Click on anatomical structures to reveal names.

As long as you remember this is a physiology of the body program and not just for the brain then I think that you will be impressed with what it has to offer. Go try it out and have a play around.

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