Video: Hemisphere Disconnection & Lateralisation of Function

In the AS course we look a the Sperry study of hemisphere disconnection and the findings surrounding lateralisation of function. It can be quite a difficult and dry study (although it’s one of my favorites and I have a fab PowerPoint that I will put in the resources share) and videos are few-and-far-between so thanks to Rebecca for her help finding them and also her great talk in Leeds.

So below we have more great videos to add to the PsychBLOG collection. I’ve started to host videos myself for those of you who can’t access YouTube (hope that helps Rebekah) but you can also get the files from the resource bin or if you are a YouTube lover you can still get them there (1,2 & 3).

Also, if you’re looking for a fun game to help with the Sperry study there’s Mr Split Briny.

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