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Those more frequent users of the site should have noticed that it’s had a face lift! Not only have things changed on the face, but I have been doing some work ‘behind the scenes’ so the site should be faster too.

So, the new term has started (well at least for me it has and it’s enrollments this week).  All those fresh faced students will be making an appearance soon. I bet that you’re all wondering (or not) what the new year (well academic at least) has in store at PsychBLOG.  There’s quite a bit on the horizon.

First, there will be more interviews: confirmed psychologists such as Baron-Cohen and Maguire (the author of a new 2008 spec study) with more in the pipeline. I’m also near the end of writing a coursework guide for students which should help you all get the best you can from the A2 coursework.  And of course with the date for the conformation of the new 2008 specification we will have commentary on what’s going on.

Other articles that are coming soon include writing on what makes people commit awful acts of violence in light of many reviews of Zimbardo’s work; more articles in the ‘So you want to be a psychologist’ series; loads of commentary on recent research that links to OCR psychology – with some Sport articles in the press as well; and of course your weekly dose of PSYlent.

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