The difficult first month? Not really!


Well, it was exactly a month ago when I made the first, tentative post here: The difficult first post… Well, it wasn’t really, this month has been fantastic. I have heard from lots of people from around the world who have sent me resources, links, or just comments about the site. Thank you to everyone who has got in-touch, and a special thanks to those people who have linked to this site. This post is just a round up of what’s going on at the moment, what’s going to be happening, and anything else that comes to mind.

What’s going on at the moment?

Well, earlier on in the week I managed to speak with Mark Griffiths (one of his studies is in the new 2008 specification). It was a really great opportunity and I am in the middle of writing this up for the site. Thanks to Mark for that. Also, I will be interviewing Simon Baron-Cohen next week about his views on the his changing of studies in the specification. Exciting stuff.

Also, a big thanks to Gareth over at psychsplash. After seeing this site and the ‘little web empire’ (his words not mine ;) ) that Mark and I seem to have built wanted to create a profile of us/it/them. And, he has. It’s a really great review and his site is well worth a read while you’re there.

 What’s going to happen?

As I mentioned above, I will be speaking to Simon BC soon, and am hoping to get a few more interviews with people that are linked with the specification.  From reading the site you might have noticed that the A2 modules that are covered are only really Health and Crime.  I haven’t taught the other modules, and although I know what’s in them, I don’t really have the knowledge to be able to find studies and research that applies.  If anyone sees anything that could be used, or would even like to write a little for this site then please do get in-touch.

And anything else… 

Over the next few weeks things are going to get really busy; exam prep for my students, the exams, I will be examining and a whole host of other commitments so things might get a little slower around here.  I will try to keep up the 3-posts-a-week minimum that I have set myself though.

Again, a big thanks to everyone who’s been on the site, commented, emailed and linked to me.  In this first month I have had almost 4,000 visitors to the site. Wow!

TTFN. Jamie :)

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