The antenna is up!


Gareth over at PsychSplash has just opened the doors of a new site:

PsychAntenna is an ever-growing showcase of psychology-related websites, blogs, podcasts and journals that utilize RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to broadcast their content. The goal is help clinicians, researchers and students in the field of Psychology utilize RSS more efficiently and locate the best resources to help them keep up-to-date in their respective areas of interest.”

The idea behind the site is to collate and syndicate the best online resources for psychology in one place. The site looks fantastic and the idea behind it is excellent. Really something to have a look at to see what other blogs and online resources are available.

Get over there and have a look – and don’t forget to visit the PsychBLOG page over there! Well done Gareth on another excellent site to add to your empire.

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One Response to “The antenna is up!”

  1. Gareth September 12, 2007 at 11:49 pm #

    Thanks for the profile Jamie. I really appreciate it. Psychantenna grew out of a realization of just how many websites, journals and blogs were using RSS and that collecting these in a single destination could help drive traffic to them and possibly inspire a few people to use RSS who might have otherwise not discovered it. For visitors to the site, I recommend they either enter specific search terms or browse via the “topic” tab. Even in the early days of the site, there is a wide variety of content available. By clicking the “preview” button next to a feed, people can actually browse the latest content from that site, leave a comment or rate it. Given that I have just launched, I welcome any feedback (positive or negative) that people have. Will always be aiming to improve the site.

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