Firstly, apologies for the rather impersonal way of posting this here, but twitter is not the medium for long responses and this seemed the easiest way to say hello.

Thanks for expressing an interest in writing some / a post for psychblog – it’s great that so many people are wanting to write here. I started writing this blog in 2007 but haven’t really written anything for the last few years – I have found a renewed energy for writing and intend to write a lot more on the blog now.

Over the last few days I have completely redesigned the site and, I at least, think it looks pretty good.

The idea behind the blog is pretty simple – it is aimed at A Level and undergraduate students (and teachers too) to get a wider understanding of psychology in the real world. This could be a few lines of commentary on a news story or a full feature article.

If you register on the site (bottom right corner) let me know your username and I will make you an author so that you are able to write for the site. If you edit your profile then you can link back to anything else you are doing, twitter accounts, etc. I’m not precious at all and do use this as a springboard for anything else you are doing that is relevant. At the moment there are around 800 people on the email list that get all new posts emailed to them and we get around 25,000 hits a week so there’s quite a readership. If you want I can also add your name and twitter account to the ‘contributors’ on the sidebar.

Thanks again for wanting to help; I’m looking forward to writing with you.

Jamie :)


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