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Bored of reading? Time to PodCast.

More-and-more people are realising how blogs can be used in education (well hopefully or I’m stuffed) – be it reading fab ones like you are now, writing them for your students, or actually getting your students to write them themselves. I read hundreds of blogs myself (runs off to check …) actually 78 regularly, but […]

OpenLearn from OU

The OU has just opened a great free resource, OpenLearn, to help ‘share the wealth‘ (so to speak) and there’s some interesting psychology related courses in there too which should be useful to teachers who want to broaden their knowledge or students who want to know a bit more about psychology before they trot off […]

The antenna is up!

Gareth over at PsychSplash has just opened the doors of a new site: www.psychantenna.com. PsychAntenna is an ever-growing showcase of psychology-related websites, blogs, podcasts and journals that utilize RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to broadcast their content. The goal is help clinicians, researchers and students in the field of Psychology utilize RSS more efficiently and locate […]