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Proudly announcing PsychClips.co.uk

Following the success of our file sharing site for psychology teachers (PsychExchange.co.uk if you didn’t already know) we now release to the masses a video clip sharing site. PsychClips is a great new web site for psychology teachers to share video and audio clips that are hosted on youtube-type sites. There are already almost 100 […]

Psychology: technically demanding!

How many of you have had the same argument with friends, family or colleagues – it goes something like this: “Psychology – that’s one of those ‘ologies’ – not a real subject – it’s the soft option. Why not do a proper subject like Biology?” Well today is your day according to an article in […]

Psychology of Love Marathon

Well it’s that time of year again: florists and chocolatiers are selling over priced roses and heart shaped chocolates; Woolworths has got the ‘Love Land’ toys out again; and we’re all reaffirming our commitment to the one our heart belongs to (and sometimes to our partners too!) So, never one to miss the chance to […]

OCR psychology erratic marking and remarking in the news again

OCR psychology has been in the news a couple of times recently regarding its examining and remarking policy Back in September, Warwick Mansell reported concerns about the erratic marking of this summer’s psychology papers. In personal communication with Warwick, a reporter for TES, it was found that much of the concern was regarding 2541 with […]