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Missed Griffiths and Reicher & Haslam? Podcasts Avaliable!

Well after a brief hiatus preparing for an Ofsted inspection (which has thankfully passed) it’s back to normal posting … well as normal as possible with only 7 teaching weeks until AS exams and 9 until A2! After returning from a ‘Getting Started’ conference I found an email from OCR letting me know about some […]

OCR psychology erratic marking and remarking in the news again

OCR psychology has been in the news a couple of times recently regarding its examining and remarking policy Back in September, Warwick Mansell reported concerns about the erratic marking of this summer’s psychology papers. In personal communication with Warwick, a reporter for TES, it was found that much of the concern was regarding 2541 with […]

Approved: the new 2008 Spec and Zimbardo’s not invited!

Looking at the OCR site this morning I was pleased to see that the new 2008 specification for Psychology has finally been approved. The biggest shock of it all is that Zimbardo has been dropped and replaced by Reicher & Haslam (2006) Rethinking the psychology of tyranny [full text available here]. Other changes to the […]