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The weirdest people in the world?

Psychologists are routinely publishing board claims about human behaviour that are based on biased and ethnocentric samples. Many of these samples are based on WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industralised, Rich and Democratic) societies and the conclusions assume that there is little variation across human populations and that the conclusions from social science research can be generalised […]

Dancing Statistics from the BPS

Over a year ago I watched this TED video by  John Bohannon titled ‘Dance vs. PowerPoint: a modest proposal’ where he makes a suggestion that in some cases we can move away from PowerPoint presentations and think more creatively about how we get our messages across to our learners or audience. I did think at the […]

Do bad guys lie? Social desirability on self-reports

When researching crime (and most other things come to think about it) in psychology we tend to have to resort to self-report measures. The gut reaction to any self-report measure when thinking about evaluation issues is that the participants may give socially desirable answers – especially when asking about offending behaviour. The Deception Blog has […]