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The core study rap!

Many thanks to Kim Higgins (who I have the great pleasure of working with) who has written this core study rhyme – rap – song to help remember the 20 core studies and what the researchers were doing. A prize to the first person to put it to music! So … all together now: If […]

MOT your personality

Something for a rainy day – or just when you’re meant to be doing something else* on the computer. Here is a selection of online psychological tests for you to have a go at. See where you are on the autistic spectrum, take the I5 test, and many-many more. Similar Minds has loads of different […]

Obsessive Maladaptive Hyperactivity Dysfunction Disorder

Ever wondered if you have “Obsessive Maladaptive Hyperactivity Dysfunction (OMHD)? You might have if you display: OMHD is primarily characterized by relentless, repetitive thoughts and ambitions exacerbated by the aberrant inability to adjust to normal responses or behaviors exaggerated by erratic, highly energetic speech or behavior. Source: Page 178 of the DSM-IV-FE* Well you can […]