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Griffiths: Cognitive Bias and Skill in Gambling

“… Rational choice theory predicts that people will not gamble, thus it is theorised that regular gamblers gamble because they make the wrong decisions – that cognitive bias (irrational thinking) distorts their reasoning. The aim of this study was to increase understanding of the cognitive processes and behaviour of persistent fruit machine gamblers.” Almost 18 […]

Projective Tests: What do you see?

Probably one of the most iconic tests that jump to mind when a person starts talking about going to a psychologist (or ‘shrink’) is the inkblot tests.  These tests, correctly referred to as the Rorschach Inkblot tests were surrounded in ‘secrecy’ as practicing psychologists who used them thought that the tests would be invalid if […]

A Girl Like Me: Re-examining Racial Preference

One study in the AS which always raises debate is that of Hraba & Grant who were replicating the research of Clark and Clark from the late 1930’s. The study is investigating racial preference, awareness and self-identification in both white and black children. Stumbling around the internet I found a very powerful video that has […]

IQ Is Dumb: Validity and Reliability

“… the term intelligence designates a complexly interrelated assemblage of functions, no one of which is completely or accurately known in man” (Yerkes, 1929, p. 524) In the Gould study (which is actually a review of the work conducted by Yerkes) a big issue that is raised is the reliability and validity of psychometric tests […]

Review: How to get all 20 core studies into 12cm!

There’s a new CD (which are 12cm – thus the title) out that should be on all of your wish lists this summer: Mark Holah (with LearnByIT) has just released Core Studies in Psychology CD aimed at colleges and teachers as a teaching and revision aid and it’s well worth checking out. From the press […]