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Is a home smoking ban enough to stop teen smoking?

We all know the power of role models and I have written about the effect of role modes on behaviour many times before: from the moving ‘Children See, Children Do‘ campaign to talking about the effectiveness of the pictures of death and destruction that now adorn our fag packets. All these ideas are supported by […]

Children see. Children do.

The influence of our role models on behaviour is something of particular interest to psychologists and we study it through the entire psychology course. More specifically we look at the research conducted by Bandura and his work into Social Learning Theory (SLT) in the imitation of aggression. In a television advertisement called “Children See. Children […]

Is YouTube to blame?

I’ve written a lot about the influence of the media over young people’s behaviour, especially aggressive behaviour. Be it tv, video games, or the internet, what effect is this having on the next generation? A recent panorama program “Children’s Fight Club” looked at the effect of the growing trend of children who are bullying and […]

Review: Classic Studies in Psychology 1 (DVD)

All those lucky teachers out there now have another fantastic resource to help in their teaching of psychology. Classic Studies in Psychology is brought to us by Dr. Steve Taylor. The Short Cuts packages consist of a number of short video clips designed to give teachers the flexibility to integrate illustrative video material into their […]

More on the social psychology of violent video games

Back to posting after my little hiatus (well actually a standardisation meeting) with more on the effect of television and video games on children’s behaviour thanks to those nice people over at The Situationist. I first talked about the possible effects of gaming on children’s behavior in the first few weeks of the site with […]