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Thanks to Gareth over at PsychSplash he has found a little gem of a site for social psychology and what’s going on at the moment – The site seems to be a cross between a ‘proper’ academic journal and e-zine type-thing for people to publish their work on social psychology. I haven’t had that much of a chance have a good look around but it’s worth a browse for those of you that are interested in social psychology and there are some articles that link in nicely with some of the studies we learn about in the social psychology area.

The bumph from the site starts with:

Welcome to the website of the Inquisitive Mind. The Inquisitive Mind, or In-Mind, is a young and exciting on-line quarterly magazine for social psychology. The magazine’s purpose is designed to interact with everyone that is interested in everyday human concerns and to inform you on the hot trends in scientific social psychological research. Now, science has its own language and you might not feel like having the time to keep up-to-date. We will attempt to bridge the existing gap by relating important social psychological research to issues that catch your mind.

As well as the posts one thing that is very useful is the Social Psychology news feed that the site provides collating lots of what’s going on in social psychology from around the web. Have a browse, it can’t hurt.

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