So much reflection …


… I’m becoming a [insert expletive] mirror (I can’t take credit for the quote – thanks Mike)

  • Complete PDP
  • Write 10,000 words of reflection on assessment and planning
  • Write 2,000 word seminar paper
  • Deliver said paper
  • Spend 4 days at Huddersfield University
  • Mark 360 exam papers (well almost)

It’s been a long hard few weeks with little (no) blogging really but normal service will resume shortly. There are over 750 articles for me to plow through that have come in over the last three weeks, and a massive amount of emails to return.

Coming up over the next few weeks: several interviews with some big names in psychology; lots more on the new specification and changes; some teaching ideas that I can take no credit for; and much, much more.

Although I have had to spend the last month reflecting so much that I do feel like I’m turning into a mirror (again not my wit) for the Huddersfield Uni Summer School I did find myself spending a good part of the 2 hour journey home reflecting even more.  Just a massive thank you to all of those wonderful people that I met over the last week and all the support that you gave me.  It was a great experience (and hopefully I’ve pimped this site enough over that time that you’ll read this).

So, the hiatus is over, blogging will resume, and all will be back to normal (well until I go to Italy). :)

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