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Just to add a bit more flavour to the site I am writing a series of reviews of sites, books, and other resources that I either use myself, or think will be useful to teachers and students of OCR psychology. If you have a site that you would like me to review or if you know of something that you think should be then let me know.

For the first in the series I will be looking at the ‘teacher resource bank’ which is – a site run by Aidan Sammons. So, what’s the site all about? is a free resource sharing site for teachers and lecturers. The resources we carry are primarily aimed at those teaching the British AS and A2 level Psychology specifications although we hope that they will be useful to anyone teaching introductory courses in Psychology.

The site had a modest start with Aidan wanting to provide some resources for people on the TES forum and from that small acorn …

Anyway, onto the important bit – what the site actually does. The site is a massive resource bank that provides teachers of psychology with a one-stop-shop for work sheets, presentations, interactive resources and links to other useful sites. The site is not linked to any of the specifications so there’s loads to choose from, but to help Aidan has labeled all the resources with the specifications that he feels are most appropriate. As far as the AS OCR course goes I think that the most useful sections will be the cognitive, developmental, physiological, social, and the OCR revisions sections.

There are a vast number of resources on the site with Aidan writing many of them himself, but anyone is welcome to contribute to the site by sending their resources along. I really like the community ideas of sharing resources and this site personifies this – anyone can go along and help themselves to whatever resources they like; and if they want they can contribute something of their own to help others.

Overall, a very impressive site that caters for teachers of psychology of all different specs. Even if there’s nothing there that you’re looking for your bound to find something similar that might inspire you to write it yourself – then you can send it along to the site for the next person! ;) Speaking to Aidan I asked what the future of the site was going to be:

“The main thing looming on the horizon is the implementation of the new A-Level specs. This will involve going through what’s already up there and reclassifying it according to which spec (if any) it now fits in with … apart from that, the site will continue to accumulate resources … One thing that I can guarantee for the future, however, is that I’ll keep the site free.”

As well as the resources Aidan has created a series of podcasts (well he calls his psycasts) covering a good range of themes within psychology – well worth a listen.

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  1. Emma Williams October 19, 2008 at 12:34 am #

    Is the the Aidan Sammons that does/did work at Worcester Tech? (years 2003-2005 at least)?

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