Review: Mind Habits – reduce stress levels and boost your confidence and self-esteem

In these days of interactive games, brain training, and other make ‘yourself better’ programs Mind Habits brings something to the table that is supported by research and looks at stress, self-esteem and confidence in a fun and practical way.

Worrying about your next date or the big presentation to your boss? Feeling low? Instead of running to the closest book-store to find a trendy self-help book, get MindHabits. Find relief at the click of a mouse. A video game that is actually good for you? Now, that’s a concept!

Based on social intelligence research conducted at McGill University, these stress busting, confidence boosting games use simple, fun-to-play exercises that help players develop and maintain a more positive state of mind.

I’ve spent the last two weeks playing around with MindHabits and it’s been great fun. There’s loads of different types of ‘games’ that track many different aspects of ‘you’ and shows you trends and differences over time.  Some of the games are a little repetitive but you can see yourself improving over time really quickly – especially as you go through the levels.  My only annoyance with the software, and it is a little one, is the little ‘helper’ that pops up telling you what to do – sometimes you just want to get on with it.

As well as the game there’s a detailed website that goes along with it ( which has a wealth of information on the science behind our ‘mind habits‘ and the research that has supported the game.  Much of which is quite readable and accessible.

Here are a few screen shots of the software in action. But if you’re still wanting more you can pop over to the MindHabits website and try their on-line demo to see what the game is like.

From a teaching point of view I can see how this game could be great for teaching stress and stress management. It’s interactive and fun. Also, there’s plenty of stuff to get students thinking about how and why the system works. There’s some great research behind the software and you might also want your students to have a read of this.

Considering the cost of most interactive ‘self-help’ games, at only $19.99 (around £10) for the full version it’s well worth having a copy of Mind Habits around to play with or use as a demonstration in class.  PsychBLOG recommended for fun, learning and self-education.

This was an unpaid review but I did receive a full copy of the game to have a play on from MindHabits. Thanks.

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3 Responses to “Review: Mind Habits – reduce stress levels and boost your confidence and self-esteem”

  1. Alison January 5, 2009 at 8:13 pm #

    Amazing – Its fun and a great way to boost the grey cells

  2. Sedona Method July 5, 2010 at 11:15 am #

    I’ve tried it myself and it is indeed a nice way to lessen your stress. Nice one!

  3. London Counselling September 6, 2011 at 4:13 pm #

    To have something for the diversion of your thinking is always a nice way to treat your self-problems specially when it comes to mind. To divert your thinking to something that is not as heavy as the burden and problems that is inside of you can much benefit you to find relieve

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