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Along with the ever excellent resource which is PsychBLOG the BPS has collated some articles of interest … and we’re in there too with a link to my interview with Mark Griffiths.

Following the approval of the new 2008 specifications the always excellent BPS Research Digest Blog written by Christian Jarrett has published an excellent post especially for those teachers of the OCR Specification linking to other superb articles that have been published within The Psychologist and also from around the web.

This is a special post for teachers and students of the OCR A/AS-level exam specification in the UK. We were particularly attracted to the OCR specification because it includes a unique module which revisits classic studies from across the breadth of the psychology.

[Here] we collect together some key resources from the Research Digest and The Psychologist magazine (shown in red throughout post) relevant to the studies from the new specification, which teachers are currently preparing to teach from September 2008. [quote]

An excellent reound-up of articles and resources which I will have to trawl through myself well worth a look – but don’t forget to come back here for all the latest on what’s going on.

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