There are many ‘hidden’ resources around this site that you might not know exists. All of the posts are categorised to make it easier to access like posts, but also each post has ‘tags’ to make it even easier to find things.

Post Series: Sometimes there’s so much to write about one thing that I will split it up over a series of posts. Here are the some of the post series that I have written:

Files: As well as the writing that I do here there is also the ‘PsychBLOG Share’ where I put files and resources that might be of interest or link to what I write about here. For example you will find all of the full text PDF’s of the core studies there, loads of videos (most of which I’ve downloaded from YouTube) writing, resources, lesson plans and schemes of work that I have out together.

Video Clips: PsychClips is a new way to share video and audio clips with other psychology teachers. Many psychology teachers, including us, use short video and audio clips to facilitate their teaching of psychology and this site provides a way of organising these clips.

Links: The web is a fantastic place and I spend waste far too much time looking around to see what’s new and interesting. As I potter about anything that catches my eye is added to my new Diigo profile. Here are some of the things that I’ve been looking at recently:


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