PSYlent: 6th May 2007


Here is the second PSYlent, our weekly overview of those stories that I think are pretty interesting in psychology but don’t really apply to the OCR specification. Seems a shame to miss out on them just because I can’t get them to fit into the specifications. So, here are those studies that would have been without a voice on PsychBLOG, or as I’m going to call them: PSYlent!

So, to those tasty tit-bits of that have been scattered over the web this week:

Theirs is bigger than ours!
It turns out that dogs and especially rabbits have an exquisite ability to reconstruct and remember their spatial environments, on the basis of visual and olfactory cues in their landscape environments. Can this be? Animals have a proportionally larger hippocampus than you.

For those of you wondering whether to put out or not…
…sex on first date releases ‘brain hormones’ that increase trust and intimacy that might improve the long-term chances of a relationship. Well that’s those at MindHacks new chat-up line at least.

What happens when methodology goes wrong?
As researchers in psychological disorders know, the connections between violence and mental disorders is complex. It’ not a simple “well, if you have X diagnosis, you’re Y times more likely to commit violence.” It’s not that at all.

I chat, therefore I am.
Can a smooth-talking robot initiate good conversation, generate witty responses, and reveal profound thoughts? See what happens when two chatbots speak to each other.

Personality, emoticons and capitalisation in email.  A review of an interesting study is over on PsyBLOG.

Until next week; happy blogging.

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