PSYlent: 23rd September 2007


Here is the next PSYlent, the weekly overview of those stories that I think are pretty interesting in psychology but don’t really apply to OCR. Seems a shame to miss out on them just because I can’t get them to fit into the specifications. So, here are those studies that would have been without a voice on PsychBLOG; or as I’m going to call them: PSYlent! ;)

Although there’s been a lot of excitement this week with the release of the new 2008 specification there’s still been lots more going on. This week’s PSYlent is especially for the ladies (although men might want to read and learn!)

Now buzz off!
Is it time to break up with your vibrator? We all know that loving yourself (literally) is both fun and healthy. The benefits go on-and on-and-on! The more you know about your own body, the better things will be when you’re sharing it with someone else. Solo escapades relieve tension but could you be addicted?

That time of the month?
The Menstrual Joy Questionnaire: The Guardian takes a look at one of the more curious corners of psychology research.

Find PMS Relief With Chocolate
Natural remedies for PMS include gourmet chocolate, chasteberry extract & natural health supplements. Here’s some natural cures for those nasty symptoms of PMS. More at Suite 101.

The Hidden Purpose of Chat-up Lines
When it comes to the human mating game, men are often portrayed as having little power or guile. Research finds it is women that control early interactions, from first signaling the man to approach to deciding whether to engage in sex. You’ll have to go to PsyBlog for the punch-line though.

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