PSYlent: 23rd March 2008


Here is the next PSYlent, the weekly overview of those stories that I think are pretty interesting in psychology but don’t really apply to OCR. Seems a shame to miss out on them just because I can’t get them to fit into the specifications. So, here are those studies that would have been without a voice on PsychBLOG; or as I’m going to call them: PSYlent!

Well here we are again – the first PSYlent for a while (but it’s been a busy few weeks with a visit from Ofsted, exam results and coursework) but there’s some excellent bits from around the web for you. Read on for this weeks, months, until-next-time-I-write-it’s PSYlent.

Am I Normal?
BBC Radio 4 has just concluded another run of its fantastic series Am I Normal? which looks at the science of differences in our minds, brains and abilities. For more on this see Mind Hacks (via BPSRD).

Use your head!
By Christmas people will be able to buy a headset for £150 that enables you to control virtual objects on a computer screen using the power of your mind. For more and videos of it in action go to Philosophy of Mind.

Can you count?
Excellent health-promotion via the ‘watch for bikes’ advert. Can you count the passes – I got it right!

Little lie-detectors
Toddlers as young as 19 months are able to distinguish jokes from mistakes – a skill that lays the groundwork for their later ability to recognise lies and false beliefs. From the BPSRD.

And finally …

Something to listen to…
New Scientist has put a feature on line that demonstrates five cool auditory illusions. Possibly the freakiest, is psychologist Diana Deutsch’s illusion called ‘Phantom Words’ (via Mind Hacks).


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