PSYlent: 20th May 2007


Here is the next PSYlent, the weekly overview of those stories that I think are pretty interesting in psychology but don’t really apply to OCR. Seems a shame to miss out on them just because I can’t get them to fit into the specifications. So, here are those studies that would have been without a voice on PsychBLOG; or as I’m going to call them: PSYlent!

The week that was …

Mix it all up for better creativity
If you keep team membership constant, people in the team are going to grow familiar, they’ll feel more comfortable, they won’t be afraid to propose ideas, and morale will rise:  surely all this is a guaranteed recipe for creativity? Maybe not – the BPS Digest has the answer.

Getting inside a mans head
It seems that no-one cares what happens inside our manly brains. What can be going on in men’s minds and bodies that is so interesting and different? NS Shorts has a rant.

Free will exists!
Free will and true spontaneity exist well at least it does in fruit flies. Well at least that’s what CogNews says.

An exercise plan that I can get on board with
There is a whisper over at the BPS Digest that the benefit of exercise is actually a placebo effect.

And finally…

Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest 2007
I’m sure that you’ve all been on the edge of your seats waiting for the results of this (well maybe not) but some of the illusions that have been created are pretty impressive.

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