PSYlent: 10th June 2007


Here is the next PSYlent, the weekly overview of those stories that I think are pretty interesting in psychology but don’t really apply to OCR. Seems a shame to miss out on them just because I can’t get them to fit into the specifications. So, here are those studies that would have been without a voice on PsychBLOG; or as I’m going to call them: PSYlent!

This week while not doing that much (well there was a little marking) I’ve mostly been reading:

Can we blame size-zero?
The only clear truth is that eating disorders like anorexia are complicated, poorly understood and dangerous. Blaming size-zero models (and the industry that loves them) is a simplistic view of these diseases. There’s a great article over at Inkling mag.

Toilet etiquette
Always a good conversation starter in the pub and an unwritten rule in the male toilets – which urinal do you use? Jeremy over at PsyBlog has started a new series on the weird and wonderful studies in psychology with a look at test how the speed and flow of men’s urination in a public lavatory was affected by invasions of personal space.

Memory lapse?
Well it’s that time of year again and all you students will be running around (well more than likely sitting still) trying to remember everything that you’re required to do. Well, maybe a bit late, and more of a general guide to life, but there’s a really nice post on improving memory using the web for your to browse.

And that’s about it for this weeks episode. Should be back to ‘normal’ posting next week as my first round of marking is drawing to a close.

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