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19 Aug Jamie Davies @jamiedavies Wyke College Jamie's Week
26 Aug Mikey Crisp @mikeycrisp en route to @UniofYork Mikey's Week
16 Sept Maddy an IB student Exeter College Maddy's Week
23 Sept Guernsey SFC @gsypsychstu @helenwoowatson Guernsey Sixth Form Centre  Gurnsey's Week
30 Sept Shanie Nash @shanie_nash Derby College
7 Oct Victoria Wagstaff @psycho_babble
14 Oct
21 Oct
28 Oct

Colleges & Departments Involved in @psychtakeover

college department teacher
Wyke Sixth Form @WykeCollege @psych_at_wyke @jamiesflipped Jamie Davies
Exeter College @ExeterCollege @I_teach_psych Graham Samson
Guernsey Sixth Form Centre  @gsypsychstu Helen Watson