@psychtakeover | for teachers

Thank you for being interesting in joining the @psychtakeover project.

The idea is to get students engaged with psychology on twitter, network with other students, researchers, writers and universities, and realise how twitter can be use for more that chatting with your friends. When your student is the curator of the account they will be expected to  tweet your own thoughts and reflections on psychology, RT anything of interest to our followers and follow other accounts.

For this to work we will need to provide full access to the twitter account so we will require the students involved to be responsible and mature. They will be representing your school or college and the @psychtakeover project for a week and this is where we need to to make the best choices possible. Students will be asked to sign a contract that states the rules and responsibilities of their role (see below).

  • Monday AM – the new curator will be given the access details for the twitter account. They will be expected to introduce themselves in a tweet or two and then start tweeting from the account for the duration of the week.
  • Sunday – the curator can ‘sign off’ from the position promoting their personal account if they wish. At this point they will be expected to log out of twitter / remove the twitter account from all devices and not log onto the account again.
  • The process then passes to another student (possibly at another college) for the following week.
  • A archive of the students week will be placed on psychblog.co.uk for them to reference in the future if needed.

This is a great opportunity for students who are considering moving into psychology at undergraduate level. This is something that they could use on personal statements and UCAS application forms.

I’m really excited about this experiment and how it will work and the engagement we will get from our students. Especially as this will be a collaborative venture with other colleges from around the country. If you are interested in joining us then do contact me below or on twitter @jamiedavies so that we can start to get things in order for the beginning of September. You may also want to consider your school or colleges individual social network / internet / online policies to ensure that you are able to take part (and if you’re not keep asking SLT!)