Psychology: technically demanding!


How many of you have had the same argument with friends, family or colleagues – it goes something like this:

“Psychology – that’s one of those ‘ologies’ – not a real subject – it’s the soft option. Why not do a proper subject like Biology?”

Well today is your day according to an article in The Times following a QCA comparison of the demands of various academic subjects it was found that:

… when they compared psychology, biology and sociology A levels, psychology was seen as the strongest subject in some areas.

The report said: “Psychology was judged to be technically demanding and made use of complex concepts.

“Given that the initial impetus for the work was the suggestion that students were turning away from science to psychology because it was perceived to be the soft option, the study suggests this perception has little basis in fact.” [From The Times]

We all knew that already but it’s nice to read!

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  1. London Counselling September 6, 2011 at 5:32 pm #

    The fact about the demand of psychology is just right for its subject description. It takes a lot of technical demand to be able to persuade the readers. Great minds come with such demand so therefore psychology should be considered as something that is a level aside from the other field of study


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