Open Access to The Psychologist January Issue

In a ‘hot off the press‘ news story the Januray Issue of The Psychologist has published a trial open access issue for all to view. I’ve spent a few minutes playing with this ‘new way of publishing’ and I’m quite impressed. A nice way to read The Psychologist. A few words of encouragement and guidance from the Managing Editor of The Psychologist:

This electronic magazine is best viewed with Firefox or Safari, with the latest version of Flash installed – it doesn’t seem to display so well in Internet Explorer, although hopefully we’ll have that ironed out shortly. What you should see is the cover of the magazine, and then you can click in the bottom corner to take you to the next page. You can also zoom in, download the whole issue, email to share, comment, rate, etc etc. Hopefully next week I’ll get all the hyperlinks working, and eventually we will be able to embed audio and video content.

In this new issue you will find articles on stigma, gossip, testosterone, and a historical look at propaganda. We have interviews with Daniel Kahneman and Lynne Segal. The new ‘forum’ section includes guest columns by Alex Haslam and Steve Reicher, Vaughan Bell and Christian Jarrett. There is plenty of news, reviews and careers information, along with the latest jobs.

It seems that this ‘open issue’ is very much a trial so do let The Psychologist know what you think of it – and if you would like to see more issues like this. I’m all for open access articles – it’s very much the philosophy behind the sites that I write for and I would be excellent to see such a big publisher in the Psychology world going the same way. It would be a great resource for students and teachers alike who would be able to make use of this excellent publication in the classroom.

Have a browse and see what you think…

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