OCR psychology erratic marking and remarking in the news again


OCR psychology has been in the news a couple of times recently regarding its examining and remarking policy

Back in September, Warwick Mansell reported concerns about the erratic marking of this summer’s psychology papers. In personal communication with Warwick, a reporter for TES, it was found that much of the concern was regarding 2541 with many centres reporting that most of their students had very low grades for this core studies 2 paper compared with the other AS papers and some centres having no significant change.

More recently, Warwick has brought to light an issue with the remarking of these papers. He discovered that those examiners remarking the papers have been guided not to change students’ A-level marks after school or college appeals unless there are overwhelming reasons to do so.

This is of course particularly cruel for those students who had their papers badly marked the first time and damages the trust that psychology teachers have with OCR.

The advice for those examiners remarking said:

“When scripts are re-marked, additional marks should be awarded (or marks deducted) only when a demonstrable error is found in the application of the marking scheme. If a degree of subjectivity is involved, very strong grounds are needed to change the original mark. If you are broadly in agreement with the mark, please do not change it.”

Here are the articles on the TES web site:

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