Obsessive Maladaptive Hyperactivity Dysfunction Disorder


Ever wondered if you have “Obsessive Maladaptive Hyperactivity Dysfunction (OMHD)? You might have if you display:

OMHD is primarily characterized by relentless, repetitive thoughts and ambitions exacerbated by the aberrant inability to adjust to normal responses or behaviors exaggerated by erratic, highly energetic speech or behavior.

Source: Page 178 of the DSM-IV-FE*

Well you can find out yourself at News Target. Great for those sick notes that you have to write because your ‘dog had eaten’ your coursework!
* FE = Fictitious Edition ;)


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  1. Mark April 7, 2007 at 12:38 pm #

    I got hace CEPD

    Compulsive Erectile Phobia Disorder (CEPD)
    CEPD is characterized by involuntary behavioral urges exacerbated by the unexpected and unplanned stimulation of sexual organs during fearful episodes.

    That should get me a week off work.

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