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It was a good while ago (well back in April) when I first talked about In-Mind. Back then it was just starting out as a blog-come-journal-type-thing in social psychology. Well, over the last few months it’s gone from strength-to-strength and it’s one of the sites I make sure that I read when I have a minute. There’s some really nice articles that link (some well, some not-so-well) with the core studies. In this issue:

Again we are bringing you some very high quality articles from the world of social psychology. World famous social psychologist Bob Cialdini for example has submitted an article on the Media: Carriers of Contagious Information. Or would you rather lay back, and know why it is ok to be a couch potato?. On the other hand, why is it possible that a zero might not be aesthetically pleasing?

We also have a follow up article on the stereotyping article submitted by Nina Regenberg from Alexander Gunz on prejudice, which gives a great oversight of the research on this topic. Last, but certainly not least, Liga Klavina, whose interests are in evolutionary psychology, discusses the adaptive functions of long-term and short-term mating in romantic relationships in ‘Forever and a Day’ or ‘Just One Night’.

Pop on over and have a read. The articles on Prejudice and stereotyping look like (from a quick skim – busy bunny at the moment) they could be an interesting opener for Tajfel. Also, there’s no need to register to read articles on the site now – another reason to get along there.

Thanks to Hans IJzerman for letting me know about the new issue.

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