Move into the Ven (Evaluation Exercise)

As we have launched our new site recently (and if you haven’t already been over there – go – well after reading this) I am going to write about some great ideas that psychology teachers could change and adapt to their class room and teaching style. So, to start off is an exercise that I wrote over the summer holidays to try to get the students to analyse the studies and improve their evaluation skills.

I bring this out at the end of the core studies (AS). The students get a sheet (there’s about 18 all together so depending on class size 1 each or some may have to share) which is one of the themes, perspectives or just an evaluation issue. On their sheet is the issue they have to think about and some prompts to get them thinking. They get a few minutes to think about how their issue applies to the study we have just done.

After this on the electronic white board (you could draw this on your board if you don’t have the luxury of a projector) I pull up an image of an evaluation ven diagram. I go around the room and get each of the students to describe how their issue applies to the study and then as a class we decide where the issue should go on the diagram (strength, weakness or bit-of-both). It’s stuck up on the board and then I move on. It can generate some really good class discussions and I’ve had really positive feedback from the class.

You can get all the files that you need for this activity from

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    need a ven diarram

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