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No! It’s your psychology blog!

Now I’m back from the ATP Conference and recovered it’s time to announce our new project which actually formed the basis of one of the workshops we did.  Also, a big hi to all those who saw me at the conference and commented on our work on-line. Thanks :)

For the past few weeks we’ve (Mark and I) have been working on a new project. Over the last year we’ve both got into blogging in a really big way – my with PsychBLOG and Mark’s PsychNews and we’ve really seen how blogging is an excellent educational tool that everyone should be able to get too.

So … this got us thinking – how could we help all you avid readers get your psychology blog off the ground. We’ve come up with

At you can sign up for your very own, brand-spanking-shiny-new blog that you can write yourself. Be it writing about psychology (just like I do) or using it as a forum for your students then go for it. Student or teacher (or anyone else really) is welcome to have a free account. All that we ask is that it’s psychology(ish) related.

If you’re still looking for inspiration or not too sure what you could use your blog for then we have some ideas for you.  And here is the presentation that I gave guiding you through the process of signing up for a blog and embedding a video.

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