It’s oh so quiet


Yes indeed, it’s been oh so quiet around PsychBLOG over the past few weeks with only a few posts (and I even forgot to publish PSYlent last week too). I am still around just bogged down with examining (only 320 scripts to go) and having to write almost 10,000 words of assignments (although this was my fault for leaving it to the last moment; again!) and somewhere in that I have to teach.

Well, this is just a little update: postings will return to normal sometime in the next few weeks.

With all this ‘excitement’ (read mind numbing work) there’s a few milestones that I’ve missed. Firstly, the blog has hit it’s half-century of posts (this will actually be post 55) – not too bad in less than three months. As well as that I have just passed the 10,000 visitor mark as well! Fantastic, considering that I didn’t think that anyone, other than my students, would want to read my ramblings (and only then, they would because I would make them!).

So, thank you to all of you that have been in touch with ideas for posts, pointing out interesting articles or just commented on my posts. Keep them all coming.

TTFN. :)

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