Griffiths: Role of cognitive bias and skill in fruit machine gambling

Over the next few weeks I am going to cover the five new studies on the 2008 specification and see what resources are around for them already. I was lucky enough to go the the OCR inset in Leeds on Wednesday where both Griffiths and Richer & Haslam were speaking. It was a good day and the speakers were excellent (shame OCR gave the wrong version of the specification out to us all though).

This is a ‘working post’ so I’ll keep adding to the list of resources as I get them so if you find anything or want to share them with the readers please do contact me.

On to Griffiths 1994 …

If you’re a regular reader you will have already come across the interview with Mark back in July where he outlined the context of the study, what happened in the study and answered some questions as to evaluating the study. The study identifies the though processes which gamblers go through while playing slot machines and attempts to explain their behaviour in relation to these cognitive biases.

“… Rational choice theory predicts that people will not gamble, thus it is theorised that regular gamblers gamble because they make the wrong decisions – that cognitive bias (irrational thinking) distorts their reasoning. The aim of this study was to increase understanding of the cognitive processes and behaviour of persistent fruit machine gamblers.”

There’s a good overview of the study in Phil Banyard’s new edition of Introducing Psychological Research or you can get the full text study below. Mark was kind enough to let me publish a copy of the PowerPoint that he presented at the OCR conference so all those who didn’t get there wont miss out.

Griffiths Resources

If you want any of the full text articles you can get them all here and there’s more news about Spec 2008 here.

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