Griffiths: Cognitive Bias and Skill in Gambling

“… Rational choice theory predicts that people will not gamble, thus it is theorised that regular gamblers gamble because they make the wrong decisions – that cognitive bias (irrational thinking) distorts their reasoning. The aim of this study was to increase understanding of the cognitive processes and behaviour of persistent fruit machine gamblers.”

Almost 18 months ago I interviewed Mark Griffiths about his 1994 research into cognitive bias and skill involved in fruit machine gambling.  In this study Mark Griffiths is investigating some of the cognitive differences between regular and non-regular gamblers. In particular he is interested in discovering whether regular fruit machine payers think differently to non-regular players. That is, whether regular fruit machine players display cognitive distortions.

You can read the full text article of the 1994 study here at PsychExchange or for a more concise and readable versions pop over to

Last January Mark Griffiths spoke at conferences in Leeds and London about this study and the context into which it fell.  Here we have podcasts of the conference and the PowerPoint which was used at the conference (Thanks to Mark Griffiths for providing the powerpoint).

Mark Griffiths Talk: Full Version

Mark Griffiths Talk: Edited Version

PsychBLOG Interview

Following on from the excellent OCR conferences in Leeds and London where we were given the opportunity to see Griffiths and Reicher & Haslam OCR have made available ‘podcasts’ of the talks so that everyone can hear what they have to say.

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