From the makers of PsychBLOG: AQA Blogging

… a new site (again)! As this blog is specifically devoted to OCR Psychology there’s loads of research and stuff that I can’t really write about because it’s not realted to what we do – and I felt that you AQA people might feel a little left out – so we now have our very own AQA Psychology blog. 

The blog will be along the same lines as this one but specifically targeted to AQA (a) and (b) psychology.  It’s not just me this time either; Mark Holah is co-authoring it with me (although he’s written most of it at the moment – time to start playing catch up).  So, if you’re an AQA teacher or student then pop over to AQA Psychblog and see what’s there for you – of course that doesn’t mean that you have to stop reading this fab blog though!

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