For those last minute Christmas shoppers …


Struggling to think of a present for that special psychologist, psychology student or teacher in your life? Then here you go: a selection of psychology related gifts that will make that person delight (or maybe not).

The Freud Lolly Pop


Looking for something to suck on this Christmas holiday? Then this is your best bet: a Freud lolly pop.

“Once you get over the initial reluctance to put a human head in your mouth, you’ll find that the subtle contours and watermelon flavor of these Sigmund Freud Head Lollipops are worth the strange looks you’ll get as you suck them. Each sucker is about 2-1/4″ tall with a 4″ plastic stick. Twenty-four individually wrapped lollipops in each illustrated display box.”

Think Gum


Still for those with a sweet tooth we have ‘Think Gum‘. Think Gum is a chewing gum that apparently contains a number of ‘brain boosting’ ingredients, although is mainly notable for its high caffeine content.

“Think Gum is carefully formulated to help chewers take on mentally challenging tasks. Be more alert. Improve information recall. Boost both short and long-term memory.”

Obsessive Compulsive Action Figure


Always wanted that action figure when you were younger but now you’ve out outgrown Barbie and Ken? Then this one is for you: the obsessive compulsive action figure. “Worried about excessive germs, organize your canned foods by their expiration date, and do you know someone who would rather bump elbows than shake hands? This action figure comes with it’s own surgical mask and handy sanitary, hypoallergenic, moist towelette. Also included is a diary of a typical day in the life of the OCD action figure and a short OCD quiz.”

Therapy Flashcards


Have you ever wished you could talk like a therapist? Here is the answer to your dream: Therapy Flash Cards.

“With these clever flashcards, you can enjoy the benefits of therapy without all the work and expense. Each card has a term on one side and reverses to a pronunciation guide, full definition and sample sentence. The perfect gift for the insensitive narcissist or your own codependent inner child.”

Diagnostic Refrigerator Magnets


Feeling creative over the festive season? Create your own diagnoses of mental disorders with Diagnostic Refrigerator Magnets.

“At last! Diagnostic Refrigerator Magnets; now you can create new or existing diagnoses and boldly display them on your refrigerator or filing cabinet. Anyone who is interested in the names of psychological disorders will get a laugh from these magnets.”

Christmas greetings go to all of my readers. I do hope that you all have a wonderful time over the Christmas break.

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2 Responses to “For those last minute Christmas shoppers …”

  1. Jamie December 23, 2007 at 5:32 pm #

    Looks like I’m missing out there Bill!

  2. Bill December 21, 2008 at 11:33 pm #

    You mean you’ve never played “Therapy”, the board game ?

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