Edexcel A Level Psychology ‘My Revision Notes’ book by Ali Abbas

This new book from Hodder Education is presented as a solid revision guide to support A Level students as they approach the final exams, but could just as easily be used to aid learning throughout the course. There is a focus on learning the content of the specification within this book that makes it a good choice for student revision. Statistics, methods and data handling are covered in the appropriate sections.

The book opens with a ‘features to help you succeed’ that are consistently presented throughout the book: exam tips, typical mistakes, now test yourself, definitions and keywords, revision activities, exam practice, summaries and online support and answers. This is followed by a revision tracker where students can mark areas are revised, tested and ‘exam ready’.

The book then approaches each of the key areas presenting clear descriptions of studies and theories within each area as well as linking these to the issues and debates where appropriate. Throughout the book there are ‘now test yourself’ questions to test knowledge with all of the answers provided in the rear of the book. The handy ‘typical mistakes’ elements give students some direction as to where they could go wrong when understanding a topic or definition. These
Each of the classic and contemporary studies are broken down into easy to digest aims, procedures, results and conclusions. At the end of each approach there are exam practice questions which have model mark schemes online, as well as an end of chapter summary of key elements that the student should understand before moving onto the next topic area. This approach is mirrored throughout the foundations of psychology modules as well as clinical, criminal, child and health psychology.

In the final ‘Psychological Skills’ section, there are useful revision tables that give examples of how the approaches, studies and theories could be used in questions about each of the issues and debates as well as linking each of the studies to the appropriate methods.

This is a good book to support student revision, written by someone who has vast experience in setting and supervising exams for Edexcel. It will be particularly useful at this point in the year, with exams 10 weeks away and the questions and online extras will help engage students with their revision.

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Full disclosure statement: a copy of the book was provided free of charge for an unbiased review.

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