Don’t be a Bozo!

We all love and adore the Bandura’s study looking at the imitation of aggression in young children and if you’re anything like me it’s a great chance to get a ‘bobo’ doll and Sock him in the nose! For the last two years I’ve had to cope with a ‘Bob the Builder’ one but now we’re all in with the chance to get hold of a bona fide (well almost) Bozo doll just like the one that he used.

OCR have 25 of these Bozo Dolls up for grabs and all you have to do to enter is get over to their ‘campaign site‘ where there’s loads of other free stuff for the new specification and pop your details into the little box. It’s as easy as that.

I really want one of these – well actually I did try to buy one from the USA but it still hasn’t arrived (4 months later) so I’m not holding much hope. Maybe he got stuck in customs? So, if anyone wins one and wants to donate it you know where I am!

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