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PsychBLOG 2008 – Review of the Year

As 2008 draws to a close I thought it proper to reflect on what we’ve seen over the year and see what our ‘best bits’ were. It’s been a busy old time in the world of psychology culminating in the publication of a replication of Milgram that many thought would be too ethically dubious to ever get […]

A very Merry Christmas to all …

I would just like to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas break. And here’s a present for you – a little festive-frolic – but can you name them all?! Where ever you are have a fantastic festive feast of fun. Happy Christmas. – Jamie :) Edit: I’ve already had a few emails asking […]

Would People Obey Today? Part I: Ethics

With the recent announcement of Jerry Berger’s (2009) soon-to-be-published (but available to download here) Replicating Milgram: Would People Still Obey I will be writing a series of articles considering the theories, methods and repercussions of both Berger’s 2009 research and the original that started this journey over 50-years-ago. Part I: Ethics Part II: Was it […]

Looking inside the brain in real time. Possible?

Could it soon really be possible to look inside the brain in ‘real time’. Over the last three decades we have made leaps-and-bounds in developing non-invasive processes to scan brains; PET, MRI, fMRI etc. These scanning techniques have allowed psychologists an insight into the processes of the brain during specific tasks or just to investigate […]