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Review: Mind Habits – reduce stress levels and boost your confidence and self-esteem

In these days of interactive games, brain training, and other make ‘yourself better’ programs Mind Habits brings something to the table that is supported by research and looks at stress, self-esteem and confidence in a fun and practical way. Worrying about your next date or the big presentation to your boss? Feeling low? Instead of […]

The Emerging Mind

Over on the BBC website there are a collection of annual lectures called the Reith Lectures.  Each year specialists in their field give lectures on their area.  Back in 2003 the lectures were called ‘The Emerging Mind‘ and were lead by the noted neuroscientist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran (who I’ve talked about here a few times in relation to his work […]

Free Journal Access (only until 30th Sept)

This is a quick ‘heads-up’ to all.  Sage Journals are offering free access to a massive number of Psychology, Counselling and Psycharity journals until the 30th September.   Might come in useful to students writing assignments or coursework; or just for those who’d like to do a little extra reading.  Well worth a look. Get […]