Archive | March, 2008

Stress: Think of the children!

It’s widely accepted that when a person suffers from stress this has massive negative effects on that person; both psychologically and physically.  Much research has provided support to the idea that a being stressed can effect our immune system quite drastically making us prone to illness.  However, could being exposed to a stressed parental environment […]

The core study rap!

Many thanks to Kim Higgins (who I have the great pleasure of working with) who has written this core study rhyme – rap – song to help remember the 20 core studies and what the researchers were doing. A prize to the first person to put it to music! So … all together now: If […]

Missed Griffiths and Reicher & Haslam? Podcasts Avaliable!

Well after a brief hiatus preparing for an Ofsted inspection (which has thankfully passed) it’s back to normal posting … well as normal as possible with only 7 teaching weeks until AS exams and 9 until A2! After returning from a ‘Getting Started’ conference I found an email from OCR letting me know about some […]