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Bored of reading? Time to PodCast.

More-and-more people are realising how blogs can be used in education (well hopefully or I’m stuffed) – be it reading fab ones like you are now, writing them for your students, or actually getting your students to write them themselves. I read hundreds of blogs myself (runs off to check …) actually 78 regularly, but […]

Review: Psychology in a nutshell?

Introducing Psychological Research 3rd Edition It’s been 7 years since the last revision of Introducing Psychological Research (Banyard & Grayson) but what has this recent 3rd Edition brought us? They say: “This edition provides full summaries of the most important psychological research studies and includes an expanded section on methodology. The studies have been selected […]

AS Study Full Text References (Spec. 2008)

A good while back I compiled a list of references and more importantly full text links for all of the core studies. Well now the new 2008 spec has been finalised it’s time for the updated references. If you’re looking for the ‘old’ (2000-2007) spec studies see this page. All of the files are being […]