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OpenLearn from OU

The OU has just opened a great free resource, OpenLearn, to help ‘share the wealth‘ (so to speak) and there’s some interesting psychology related courses in there too which should be useful to teachers who want to broaden their knowledge or students who want to know a bit more about psychology before they trot off […]

OCR psychology erratic marking and remarking in the news again

OCR psychology has been in the news a couple of times recently regarding its examining and remarking policy Back in September, Warwick Mansell reported concerns about the erratic marking of this summer’s psychology papers. In personal communication with Warwick, a reporter for TES, it was found that much of the concern was regarding 2541 with […]

ATP Conference 2008: Lincoln

Lincoln 2008 – The Wonder of Psychology: inspiring teachers and learners The 26th Annual Conference of the Association for the Teaching of Psychology University of Lincoln: Thursday 10th July to Saturday 12th July, 2008 The conference is for teachers of psychology and will offer updating sessions on psychology, presentations and workshops on teaching and learning, […]

Washoe the chimp has died

The famous research chimpanzee has died aged 42. She passed away last Tuesday night Washoe was born and captured in West Africa, briefly used for research by the US Air Force, and finally adopted by psychologists Beatrix and R. Allen Gardner, who raised her in their home and treated her like a deaf human child. […]