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Over a year ago I watched this TED video by  John Bohannon titled ‘Dance vs. PowerPoint: a modest proposal’ where he makes a suggestion that in some cases we can move away from PowerPoint presentations and think more creatively about how we get our messages across to our learners or audience. I did think at the time how could this be used in psychology (although I have many more left feet that I should). The BPS have just released (after weeks of teasing) four short films that aim to communicate a number of statistical concepts through dance You Tube channel.

The films are the product of a 2011 BPS Public Engagement Grant project called ‘Communicating psychology to the public through dance’ and were overseen by Lucy Irving from Middlesex University and Professor Andy Field from the University of Sussex. The films also received funding from IdeasTap.

Currently there are four videos available:

When asked by the BPS Lucy explained: “We hope that representing complicated psychological constructs and statistical procedures in fun and memorable ways will enable more psychology students to understand and engage with them.”

It’s an great concept and will be interesting to see what students think of the videos and if it helps them conceptualise some of the more challenging concepts in statistics.


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